Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Regret

So I wish for these moments to blur
The regret of some unspoken words

While I dread another course of conversation

I will take refuge in silence, golden

So I wish for these hours to turn
The regret of a forgotten errand

While I spend another night for the day

It will never be the same again

So I wish for these days to fade

The regret of a touch undone

While I feel through a numbing vacuum

That peels my skin like a burn

So I wish for this life to end

The regret of wasting a friend

While I live a world of vultures

I will cherish us like an old treasure

P.S. This poem is an ode to one of my favorite movies "The Hours" which I think gloriously embodies the feeling of Regret, a feeling innate to every human.


s said...

So I wish I come back to life again
The regret of some words unsaid
While I wait to rise again
I shall wait for us to meet again

sorcerer said...

hey that was a really nice rendition of that poem! is it dedicated to someone?
thanks for reading anyway.
much love.

rUpiE said...

Regret / Sadness / Longing for someone...

How ground breaking !!!

Sushmit said...

I don't need to leave a comment here. Cos you know how much this blog means to me!!!