Friday, February 13, 2009

Circus of love (Valentine’s Parody)

The clock ticks in a sinister motion. There will be a chain reaction that will create a cess-pool of singles. Interrupted, violated and disrespected. The excreta of human intolerance at its mushy worst. Corny with bigotry. Pink stained and heart-shaped balloon filled. Putrid with the annoyance of a misconstrued faith. The alarm of anti-singlehood. Deafeningly loud and lingering. The energies of the proposals will float hauntingly in the air. Swollen with blighting joy. Daydreams realized in the fraction of that heavy second. Hopes, dreams, smiles, memories, visions, hallucinations, delusions and perceptions, all paraded. The cupids over-timing. Gliding over the mangled flesh of the singles. Discarding and de-allotting single souls. The appetites of lovers whetted somewhere, satiated somewhere.
The singles will disperse flapping their wings uncontrollably. Some will get caught in the cloud of holocaust and char to death. The dust will be impregnated with floral remains. It will not settle in a long time. Footprints of the single-life will TRY to run across the dust again. The singles will pray for revenges and retributions. Archies & Hallmark will carry that eerie aftermath. Love stories will profuse the underbelly. Cycles of Kama will resume. The bitch will stop menstruating.

Each face and each cake will recount a story. Stories of flesh torn apart and eaten with romantic lust. The independence suspended in the air cracks with a piercing scream. Romances linger like the stench of decaying carrion. Eerie trails lead to the end of stag creations. Zombies would be made out of couples. Love, love, love, love. All mummified in the heart-shaped sarcophagus of St.Valentine's. Doom’s day for the singles.
Daba Dooooooom.

"If you see Cupid, bitch-slap that little punk for me, will ya?"
- Valentine's Victim, single and alive.

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The Vice Buddha said...


Dude.... this is incredible!

How merely a change of a few syllables changes an entire diorama!