Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The funny, funny thing

You know there is the stratosphere of ‘rock bottom’. And there was me, some 30 feet below it. I wasn’t getting any younger with the quarter life threateningly beckoning at me. My career felt like a regurgitating toilet. And more often than not, I quietly lament over the inability to find being sorrowful as being cool (how I wish to be coolly sad, but damn my prosaic personality). Add to that was the weather that felt like I was made to conduct my life in a furnace. Even retail therapy failed me. So there I was, in this deepest crypt of miseries... And only freefalling deeper.
“It is funny how things don’t work out. It is funny how they DO”... That line from Sweet Home Alabama always gets me. I usually have a very pessimistic purview of the dynamics of ‘things working out’. I guess, optimists like to put a ribbon of fate on such rare, coincidental and convenient interlocking of events. So it was obvious I wasn’t going to see any damn ‘brighter side’ in that shithole I was going through.
And then that funny thing happens. That funny thing which sends you into this frenzy of confoundedness. Where you question the stash of beliefs that you have based all your cynicism on. All that defiance you secretly harbored for the corny movies, songs and poems that endlessly tell you how precious friendship is. All those mawkish episodes of “Friends” crash into you… How they plan a surprise for months, going through tiresome, personal differences to make it work. The way that surprise causes a rush of these funny, syrupy emotions and makes you want to burst into tears like a clinical emotional dork. And how you put together all of their shady behavior that they have been displaying all this time they were going through the predicament of planning a surprise. And regret on not having guessed any of that bad acting of diverting your attention from the surprise which might have lead to any premature disclosure.

And that’s how funny the way things work out is. How these miseries start seeming relative. And eventually diminished. How little things stop tampering with your composure. How little things start becoming existentially tangible. How a little, big surprise can alter the pole of your state of mind. How the realization of this precious relationship that you have subconsciously nurtured, makes you feel self-approximated and... Just simply, basically happy. Funny, eh?

P.S. Thank You to Sushi, Ash, MazakMasti, Tatu, Porny, Jassi-ca, Neepz & Dynamo for making my birthday the best I could ask for.. Love ya much & always!!!!!

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Woah...I wanted to catch up on my reading....and I am glad I did. Touched!