Friday, June 4, 2010

The hitchhiker's guide to Faces.

To walk aimlessly in a city is one of the hardest things to do. There are heady pockets of people everywhere trying to recruit you into their march. You don’t want to come across as a gypsy indulging in a whim of wanderlust. The urban nation tends to outcast anything that is slow and desultory. I have submitted myself into believing that my little saunter must have a purpose too: Watching Faces. It is like launching yourself into the galaxy of faces looking for a hitchhike. A gamut of countenances; some engrossed in their occupation, some into their coffee and some astray. Hitchhiking through each other. Looking for a flitting shelter for that floating moment into each other’s visages.. some hostile, some unbolted.
I believe my countenance can be rather rigid. It is a testimony of all the years lived in the battlefield of an alpha city. Like the lover who learnt living through times of hatred. Like the façade of a quaint little café built to serve the soldiers of the war. Inside it is much too interpretable if not so from the outside. I believe I miss out on many the attempts of breezy pleasantries. I tend to be on a mission and perhaps I lose out on the finery of requests like an absorbed street musician. The carefully construed exterior renders me myopic. Maybe there is a soldier stranded out in the tempest waiting to be let in. I can use a small pit stop in my peregrination too. So next time when there is a cushy little knock on my façade; I am letting the stranger in with a welcoming smile like that brisk cream streaking across the surface of a warm cappuccino.

art title - Holocaust Faces, Jewish Museum, Berlin. artiste - Polaroids image url - here

P.S. when I fall in love, I will stop the frame, play this song and then continue in slow motion.

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